Hold on while I delete this gag inducing picture of an ocean sunset. What the fuck is WordPress up to?

Anyway, welcome to My Movie Buffs. The land of no bullshit movie reviews. We tell it like it is. Nothing is held back or restricted.

If I thought the movie could have been better if Margot Robbie got naked in it, I will say it.

If Michael Bay can’t spell editing and it dooms his fucking films, it will be said.

I’ll trash Daniel Day Lewis movie. He can keep his milkshake.

I’ll say Samuel L. Jackson is overrated. Take away Pulp Fiction and he’s average.

What did I think of Rogue One? Did I wonder how often Felicity Jones’ Jyn showered on her adventures? Yes.

We will bring it blunt every time. There will be strictly movie reviews. No trailer breakdowns(yawn). No casting updates(puke). No celeb watching(who cares?). Those tasty slaps will happen on our social media accounts, via Facebook(My Movie Buffs) or Twitter(@mymoviebuffs). Instagram’s account is still under construction.

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I still don’t get the sunset picture.