This movie sucked. Whatever good will that the first film put out into the world has instantly been shit out of the corpse that is this franchise. Almost from the beginning of this film I kept trying to remember why I loved the first one so much. Billy Bob was playing the exact same character as before so that should have worked. The simple child was still around to help contrast how vile Thornton’s character is, albeit a grown man with the same intellect now. The shady little person partner was back, they replaced the love interest with Christina Hendricks and they added Kathy Bates. So why did this not remotely work?

The jokes were predictable and rehashed and you are forced to hate the grown-up kid. He elicits no sympathy and honestly is grating at times. The redemption Billy Bob attained in the first film is completely gone and he is just a miserable idiot fuck-up who has meandered throughout life. Kathy Bates is a gross cliche of a shit mother who predictably betrays her son and even shoots the grown-kid in the final scene. It is rare to see such a violent attack on an innocent in a movie but i honestly cared so little about the kid at that point that I was hoping he died. I was hoping all of them would shoot each other and Christina Hendricks would magically take the money and run.

This movie is so far-fetched and ridiculous that I can only assume it was written by the producers son on a toilet paper roll. These actors better have gotten paid a shit-load for this film because it has irreparably harmed their cache in my opinion. Billy Bob just regained my trust in Fargo and then goes and does this shit film. It was equally unappealing to watch  him hook-up with the ladies in this film.

The budget was 26 million and I am certain that all went to the actors salaries. As of this writing it has made 17 million at the box office and probably will just barely break-even after DVD sales and On-Demand viewings. Which is sad because it should lose money in a perfect world. There luckily should be no more of these fucking sequels with that kind of financial return and hopefully Billy Bob bought himself a new mansion with his payday.