I put off watching this movie for a couple months because I thought I knew the story and I thought it would be fairly predictable and boring. I was wrong. The whole movie is a simple concept, greedy corporate suits want to cut corners and save money for their greedy corporate masters back in London and Kurt Russell wants to glare them into submission. Brittish Petroleum (BP) is easily portrayed as the bad guys in this film and honestly they are pretty easily believed to be evil because John Malkovich plays a slimy, Louisianian with a heart of gold! Wait, no not gold…. what am I thinking of? Oh yeah! A heart of greasy, slimy and putrid greed that oozes onto the screen with every interaction. Watching his downfall throughout the movie may be my favorite part. There is no redeeming quality to this man. He exists only as a representation of all the arrogant assholes that you work with. He plays it to perfection.

Mark Wahlberg is in this film by the way. He plays his normal Wahlbergian self. No great stretch in range or anything. To be fair he plays the roughneck, family man with a gritty determination quiet well. I just like giving him shit for his lack of range. Kurt Russell, however, is a bad-ass grizzled veteran of the deep sea drilling game and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him win arguments with Malkovich’s character with logic and common sense. His glower is something to be envious of.

This is basically Titanic with more explosions, without the silly love story. Peter Berg has been getting better and better as a Director and I think he is hitting a great stride.He has another movie coming out soon called Patriot’s Day and it is another ‘based on true events’ story starring Mark Wahlberg. That would make three in a row starting with Lone Survivor.He is making less money though so he needs a box office win with the next one. This film cost 110 million to make and as of December 2nd it has only grossed 61 million domestically and 57 million internationally. It will break even and maybe make a few bucks after distribution and sales in other formats but by no means was it a smashing success. Which is sad because I really did enjoy this film. The acting was great, the story was predictable but I still found myself concerned for the people on screen. The action was intense and the visuals were great. Oh and Kate Hudson hugs Kurt Russell in the film so that was some cute metaness.