I sat and watched Patriot’s Day last night and I had zero expectations going in to it. This is the second movie this month I had watched where Peter Berg directed Mark Wahlberg in a ‘based on true events’ film and the third I have watched the two pair up for. I thought I would be tired of it and I knew the events because I followed them closely at the time so I was not expecting to care too much or be sucked in to it. Well i was wrong. Peter Berg crafted a great film here and I was surprised at how much I cared watching this film.

Peter Berg is hitting his stride at the moment. I would love for him to try and do something different but if you had told me that the star of the Great White Hype would become such an accomplished director I would have laughed at you. I have zero bad things to say about Peter Berg’s direction. It was paced properly and had great suspense and a real sense of emotion to it. Mark Wahlberg played himself as usual. I honestly am incredibly tired of Mark Wahlberg at this point. He did not spoil the film but he did take away from the character he played. I just did not like him. He was whiny and bitchy and even when he had his emotional speech near the end I did not care about him. I did care about the survivors of the bombing and I cared about J. K. Simmons getting home to his wife for some reason. Simmons had a small but important role in this film and I randomly was rooting for him.

John Goodman and Kevin Bacon were in this film as well but Bacon was pretty benign and Goodman played his role so well I actually forgot most of what he did except when he was excited when they caught the last bomber. The important thing to take away from this film is that the spirit of Bostonians are strong and the city rallied around it’s law enforcement when things got serious. Berg painted the two bombers as petty and childish and emotionally vile brothers that came across very realistic.

I give this movie credit for being an emotionally relevant film that puts the hearts and will to survive of the victims on display. Check out this flick. Oh, and fuck Mark Wahlberg.