I just saw “Silence” tonight because I have to see every single Martin Scorsese movie ever made and I have to say that I did not enjoy it for its content but it was a well made movie. If I were a priest or a seminary student I would have thought it might be a 9 or even a 10 out of ten.

The entire movie is really about faith in god and what a priest has to do to battle an enforcement to abandon his faith. It is very long, detailed, and introspective. If you are religious in any way-please see this movie and tell me what you think. Religion is a very personal thing so it is hard to analyze and I say through this entire thing as a movie lover, a Scorsese lover, and a history lover, and I did not receive enjoyment but I can tell a good movie when I see one and I am just not the right kind of person to give a faithful opinion. If you want to do a good deed for society-let this one person know (me) that it rocked your cinematic world. That would make make my Scorsesic heart complete. This guy is only around for a few more years and then we are only left with everyone else.

Adam Driver and Liam Neesen were good in their minor supporting roles but Andrew Garfield was the main role and put up the best acting that I have seen him in. He is not a favorite of mine so this is a lot coming from me- he has hung with a Scorsese movie and he didn’t really fuck it up (mainly because Marty wouldn’t let him) he doesn’t get too far off from his normal teeny emotional character but just to have looked at him so much for very long scenes while Marty is doing his Magic, gives me a little respect for the guy. The other acting, cinematography, costumes, make up, and special effects were amazing.

I wish Adam Driver could have been able to lay it down just a little more. He is the Julliard anyway. Garfield is just Spider-Man let’s remember. The fact that Marty has plucked him for this opportunity, changes his status forever. If you think about it, this movie was probably just an insight reflection on some of the Roman-Catholic demons that Marty has harbored for decades. All of the Portuguese Jesuit Priests are catholic in the movie. I will always be glad to see a Scorsese film but I ultimately give this film a 5/10.